Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Shit Hits the Fan

The Shit Creek Review is calling for submissions for its #1 Edition.

Printed on cheap, low quality pixels, edited by a dodgy incompetent, and read by The Editors, their family and friends, and the cat Geoffrey, as well as by googlers seeking the word "shit", The Shit Creek Review will nevertheless publish new poetry of reasonable merit, especially, but not exclusively, in the category of Yuma. It will make an impressive addition to your list of publishing credits.

Submission Guidelines

Poets should submit 1-5 original poems, together with brief biographical details, in the body of an email to:

Paul Stevens

Nigel Holt

The deadline for #1 is:

Wednesday, 25th October, 2006, Midnight, GMT. We will have the first issue together before the end of the month.

And remember - the watchword is dodginess. It is just basically a Blogger blog being pressed into service for the Muses (as are many small poetry zines). It will probably have a readership of about 6 1/2 souls.

Essays, short fiction, prose poems will also be considered.

The fact that poems have been posted by authors in online workshops or their own blogs does not disqualify them from inclusion in The Shit Creek Review, as long as the poems are original and their author holds the copyright.

We could do with a couple of .jpg images too, if anyone wants to supply: they will be credited, of course. No particular theme, just interesting visuals.

Payment for publication in The Shit Creek Review is not possible in this life, but will be rewarded in the next. On the other hand the editors are very receptive to offers (redeemable in this life) of cash bribes, vouchers, favours, and so on.

All creative content copyright © 2006 by the respective authors, unless otherwise indicated.


If he's willing to accept rejection, have him shoot high at first--better than starting out with the Shit Creek Review, where publication is barely better than nothing.

Steven D. Schroeder

It is an historical inevitability whose moment has come.

Paul Stevens

...what poet worth their salt wouldn't want a publication credit at Shit Creek. Of course, it could easily be mistaken for that other great literary magazine, Shirt Creek, the journal of unfortunate typos.

Brent Fisk

Since to write metrical poetry in Oz is already to be in shit creek, why not be in Shit Creek?

Mark Allinson

If this is real, it fucking rules.

Quincy Lehr

...I'll need a good nom de plume...

Anon warms something previously quite tepid to see what you are doing for noble beasts... Best of luck with your important venture

Earl Haig

God speaks about The Shit Creek Review: If it didn't exist, some a***-hole would have to invent it.

M.A. Griffiths

Are you actually going to do this?


Beware, if this publication comes anywhere close to living up to its name, then the problem won't be getting into it...

Peter Richards

Dedicatory Verse

An unfortunate man from Strathclyde
fell into a sewer and died.
The next day his brother
fell into another
and now they're *interred side by side.

*orthography unclear

- by Anon

Dedicated to Julie Carter, Steven D. Schroeder and Philip Levine, without whom...


Dear Readers and Poets,

The books are closed now for poems wishing to board the issue #1 canoe. You should receive an email soonish notifying you of your poems' success (?) or otherwise in coming aboard. If you have not heard by November 5th, email us and pray that you get a sensible answer.

The canoe is preparing now to launch on its epic voyage Up the Creek, which should occur in the first week of November. We will wave paddles about in public places to signal this happy event.

Yours in Poesie,

The Shit Creek Team