Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pushcart Prize Nominations

SCR+II is pleased to nominate these poems for this year's Pushcart Prize. They were selected for nomination by all the editors from those published in SCR+II throughout 2007:

Mike Alexander 'Convert'

Rachel Bunting 'Exhumation'

Rose Kelleher 'Mortimer'

Danielle Lapidoth 'The Fight'

Dave McClure 'The Pessimistic Ballade of Arbitrary Behaviour'

Rick Mullin 'Shrine to Satan'

Congratulations to these poets, whose achievement is all the more impressive when measured against the outstanding work of the many other poets who have voyaged up the proverbial Creek in the leaky and paddleless canoe.


Blogger Pat said...

Congrats to is my pleasure to have art along side a few of them. Rick, I need to take another photo, the local thrift shop keeps adding to that shrine. : )

Wishing you all luck...



7:28 pm  

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