Friday, January 14, 2011

A Note to Our Contributors

"SCR" is a handy abbreviation and easier to type than "The Shit Creek Review." It is not, however, the proper name of our journal. When listing publication credits or acknowledging previous publication, it's not only customary to spell out the name of the journal, but preferable for practical reasons.

Suppose you're published in some other journal, and your bio mentions that your poems can also be found in "SCR." Hoping to find more of your work, the reader Googles "SCR" and finds a bunch of articles about silicon-controlled rectifiers. He then searches for "SCR Poetry" and sees results for both the Shit Creek Review and the South Carolina Review. That's confusing. It makes it harder to find your work, and it deprives us of the credit we deserve for publishing (we think) good stuff.


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