Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On First Looking into The Shit Creek Review

Much have I savored from the Muse's bowel
Those droppings with their various perfumes
That nourish paean, dithyramb, and howl
As cowpats breed mind-altering mushrooms.
I oft the accolade "good shit" have heard,
Applied sometime to verse, sometime to weed,
Yet never got as high as sacred turd
Permits till I Shit Creek Review did read.

Then felt I as Sir William must have felt
When first into his ken Uranus swam
And his mind's nostrils flared and glory smelt:
I reeled beneath the heavenly Shazam!
    That makes great marvels of the merest stools
    And brims each chamber pot with priceless jewels.

- Chris O'Carroll

Tributes, including poetic ones, pour in to the busy work desk of The Shit Creek Review. This is just one of at least two examples: in this case from the keypad of Chris O'Carroll.

But it just gets better. The other tribute flowing across our work desk here at busy Shit Creek Central was from a Nigerian Banker who, after making several inquiries to Several Embassies to locate any of his client's extended relatives, has generously offered The Shit Creek Review full access to $US22,000,000 by way of a strictly confidential transaction. The editors pledge to put this generous donation to good use (after an initial rigorous testing and evaluation period) in the service of Poetry and the Arts.



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