Saturday, October 20, 2007

She Loved The Horror

Table for One With a View for Two

A temporary plaster, mixed media
installation on the Mendocino
Headlands in northern California.
Parts of her still exist close by. : )


Blogger RHE said...

I figured out why you guys are so focused on horror:

Perhaps this will help, and soon you will devote an issue to rainbows, bluebirds, and the philosophy of Émile Coué.


2:41 am  
Blogger Caratacus said...

Crikey, mate, you should cop an eyeful of the sheila who's running the course! Tammy's easy on the eye and who wouldn't want to discuss women's issues with her?


Anyway, SCR has Travelled on since then. We've gotten over the Horror and moved on. We're getting on with the rest of our lives. Oh yes, we've put it down and walked away. That was Horror, but this is now. Adios, Horror! Hello, Travelling... The Moving Finger is truckin on to new horizons. What lies around the bend of the road not travelled, between the woods and frozen lake, as dawn goes down to day and our souls bend towards the east? And who shall lead us through the wat'ry maze? The man upon the stairs who wasn't there?


6:43 am  

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