Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Four Chapbooks and a Deadline

Rick Mullin's work has graced the pages of SCR/TC on more than one occasion:

'Amity After the Fire'

'Shrine to Satan' (An SCR Pushcart Prize nomination)

'Still Life with Mackerel'


Now he has a new chapbook out, Aquinas Flinched, available from Modern Metrics. You'll also find books there by SCR/TC contributors Mark Allinson, Mary Meriam and Quincy Lehr.


SCR#7 'Masks' issue deadline is SOON!

March 23rd, 2008, in fact. Crikey! That's next week this Sunday!

Submissions for SCR #7

The Chimaera's 'Belonging' issue deadline is pretty soon too—April Fool's Day.

Grab some vellum, sharpen those quills, a quick quaff of laudanum, and start composing!

Submissions for The Belonging Chimaera.


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