Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From the Inner Station

The Supreme Being has written to us here at Shit Creek Inner Station deploring the fact that each issue of the Shit Creek Review looks quite unlike any other issue of the Shit Creek Review, thus breaching all protocols of publication visual identity and showing contempt for the notion of "clear visual signature". Each issue of SCR is it seems a totally new and therefore disturbing experience unrelated to any previous experience of poetry in the furthest reaches of Shit Creek. It is frustrating, unpredictable, disquieting, counter-intuitive, injurious to poetic health and possibly even insanity-inducing.

Furthermore, opines Mr. Being, the art in SCR does not stay nicely in the place always allotted to art in normal poetry magazines, but wantonly moves all about the page in mysterious ways, hither, thither and yon, apparently at random, occasionally even usurping space above the poem which should be reserved for pure Poesie alone. SCR is thus not serving Poesie Alone but some other Dark Force it seems.

I have discussed this matter with the more important staked heads loitering about the Inner Station, and the stake-holders and I have taken on board the substance of Mr Being's remarks. Accordingly we have resolved as follows:

1.) Unfortunately the bribes have been paid and the contracts are already out for SCR #8, so no substantial alterations can be made to its format. Carl Williams, Mick Gatto and the Moran family, all of whom are involved in SCR #8's implementation, tend to resist vigorously any changes to terms of agreement.

However, starting from Issue #9, the name The Shit Creek Review will be replaced by the name The Nice & Normal Poetry Standard. All layout, artwork, poetry selection and indeed every other aspect of the publication will be reset to comply with Poetry Industry Standard Specifications.

Innocent poets have too long laboured under the misapprehension that in offering their work to a venue misleadingly named Shit Creek Review they were in fact submitting to an organ of the utmost rectitude. They may now rest assured that their work will be presented in future with impeccable sobriety, propriety, discretion and good taste.

2.) From Issue #9 onwards, reading and submitting work to the Shit Creek Review Nice Normal Poetry Standard will no longer be compulsory. That's right, Canoeists: thenceforth you may read SCR NNPS as an act of existential choice, and you will be allowed to submit work of your own free will!

Ever yours at the cutting edge of The War on Poetry,

Mistah Kurtz.

May The Creek Be With You!

Art by Mark Bulwinkle.


Blogger Pat said...

You go, Boss Man...Bullwinkle's art is always a delight. If you can't figure out how to click on it, remove the mask and have some fun, you probably need to spend your time in safer, more staid places.


4:56 pm  

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