Monday, January 01, 2007

Issue 2 - Are We There Yet?

You'll be Up Shit Creek sooner than you think!

(Depending of course on how soon you think you'll be up it. But very soon.)

The Shit Creek Review, Issue 2, is Coming!

Watch for first sightings. It's almost there.

Raving Reviews on The Shit Creek Review's first issue!

From Eratosphere!

  • I'm incredibly proud to be in the first issue of Shit Creek Review. It's seriously good. I love the art work. Love the whole thing. - Janet Kenny

  • Sincere congratulations to all involved. It looks wonderful, and the quality of the work is no joke! - Maryann Corbett

  • was like Leningrad Cowboys Go America--I thought it would be good; I heard it was good, but what I'd heard was wrong. It was even better. Paul Stevens and Nigel Holt have put together a good, edgy e-zine, and they are examples for children to look up to and follow. - Quincy Lehr

  • Nicely done. Congrats. - Kate Benedict

  • You attracted some fine poets and excellent poems, despite the crappy title. - David Anthony

  • Well, I for one hope that Paul keeps the title. It was what attracted me from the very start, since it seemed such an appropriate name for a mag which considers poems rejected, for various reasons, by the poetry "establishment." Poems which are a bit "out there", or a bit too metrical for the predominant FV world, or too experimental for other mags. - Mark Allinson

  • I think the present title is a winner. It will be most powerful if the content contrasts with, rather than reflects it. - Janet Kenny

  • Long may it survive and provide a haven for the minor poet who doesn't care for reputation or prestige. - Jim Hayes

  • I was told, and firmly believe, that it could possibly be true that the authority created in 1900 to look after the welfare of Sydney Harbour was called the Sydney Harbour Improvements Trust. That is until they printed the initials in gold onto a blue riband and put said riband around the rim of boater to be worn by the Authority's inspectors... this is a serious title, let no wowser near it. Great job Nigel and Paul. - Jan Iwaszkiewicz

From Gazebo!

  • ...the idea of the Shit Creek Review tripped my trigger immediately... it has the work of some very fine, albeit brave, poets in it. - Patricia Wallace Jones

  • ...a nice balance of solid poetry, poo, and well-chosen photography and artwork. - Christine Potter

  • The quality makes me green with envy. What a great first outing. - Norman Ball

  • It's just damned wonderful! - Adam Elgar

From Sonnet Central!

  • I love the pics and background colours... The poems are good, too. They belie the journal's name. - Jankiewicz


  • Don't let the name fool you: this is a journal of excellence... the poems are great, the artwork is beautiful. - chrissiekl

And of course, the seamy and disreputable "Limericks Overboard Affair" from Poetry Free For All!

  • As the limericks sink from view, leaving only a few bubbles on the surface, the canoe proceeds on its stately voyage upcreek, penetrating deeper and deeper into the Heart of Darkness. - Caratacus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am all atremble with the anticipation - and eagerly waiting to read it :)

Happy New Year!


11:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, too! I've been checking regularly...can't wait!



8:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, too! I can't wait.



6:52 pm  

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