Monday, February 26, 2007

On first looking into Dahmer's freezer

Much have I travell'd in the Realms of Drivel;
All sorts of silly nonsense did I seek,
Including one mad foray to Shit Creek,
Where whacko weirdness made my head fair swivel.
Oft of one looney bin did travellers warn
Where fish-faced Conway rul'd his piles of merde
By ranting mad doolally - till I heard
Him yodel endless vomit-waves of scorn.
Then felt I like some sewage depot guys
When a huge doo-doo swims into their sight,
Or like craz'd Dahmer, when with baleful eyes
He gaz'd on some new victim numb with fright,
Who'd end up baked in hearty cottage pies,
Silent, upon a plate, with golden fries.

- Emma Chizzit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On last looking into "First looking into Dahmer's freezer"

It gave me a chill to read this foray
Into "Dahmer's freezer" early today;
Mentioning victims who ended up baked
In pies, served with fries, (till my wry senses ached)
Made me wish to've read nuttiness, instead
Of visions of victims numbed by fright. I dread
Seeing much more of such sensible stuff,
Nonsense I'd've preferred. Ah, but, enough!
We all have our druthers. Mine is to laugh
At Human Comedy, cheer every gaffe
One finds in real life. A matter of choice
I s'pose. So in sum, I'd rather give voice
To wacky nonsense and frivolity.

In Utmost Sincerity,
Lon Cheney


6:52 am  
Blogger Caratacus said...

Always remember, Grasshopper, that when it comes to realising our dreams and achieving our rathers and our druthers, there is one magic concept that never fails:



El Sleazo


8:12 am  

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