Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alison Brackenbury and Jehanne Dubrow

SCR/II authors continue to win kudos! Alison Brackenbury's forthcoming book, Singing in the Dark, due out on the 28th of February, has been picked as one of the books to watch this year by Sarah Crowne in The Guardian:

Also worth looking out for this month are new collections from Alison Brackenbury and Jen Hadfield. In Singing in the Dark (Carcanet), Brackenbury employs the seemingly simple English ballad (invented, more or less, by Wordsworth, and later favoured by the likes of Auden and Edward Thomas) to grapple with knotty modernity - a clash of form and content that carries the risk of wistfulness but, at its most effective, throws up compelling antitheses...

—Sarah Crowne, 'From Milton to the Next Generation'

Alison's poetry was part of the Shit Creek Horror and also appeared in the first issue of SCR's lamentably straight offspring, The Chimaera (think of SCR as Edina Monsoon and The Chimaera as Saffron).

And Jehanne Dubrow's poetry collection, also forthcoming (to be published toward the end of 2008), was selected by Peter Pereira as the winner of the 2007 three candles press First Book Prize. Jehanne's 'Fragment From A Nonexistent Yiddish Poet Ida Lewin' appeared in SCR/II's 'Lives' issue.

Go, you good things!


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