Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Up Shit Creek to The Chimaera's Lair

The Shit Creek Review issue #7 is out now! — the theme is 'Masks', the poetry is hot, the art is enough to make you lose your paddle!

When you've reached the furthest limits of Shit Creek you may meet The Chimaera! The fabulous beast's 'Belonging' themed issue explores notions of both belonging and alienation through a variety of texts: poems, stories and articles.

As well there is a spotlight feature on English poet Alison Brackenbury, including nine of her new poems, an interview, and a review of her new book Singing in the Dark.

The Chimaera's lair is well-stocked with poetry, reviews and fiction for your enjoyment. Just be careful The Gryphon doesn't see you there!

('Sun-Paddle' art by Mark Bulwinkle)


Blogger Rose said...

Congrats on another fine issue. Quite possibly the best looking so far, too - I love the layout and the artwork. Keep up the good work!


8:01 am  
Blogger Caratacus said...

There's some great art in this one--such a visual theme helps I spose.


8:37 am  

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