Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shit Creek Review and the Nightmare of History

Eternal recurrence, Whiggish progress towards Liberty and Enlightenment, dustbin, or just plain old wie es eigentlich gewesen -- the Februaryish Shit Creek Review's 'History and Memory' issue is now online. There are a few poets there you'll recognise, some you might not have met before, and as many bent views of History as the most rabid Post Structuralist could desire, with as goodly a dash of memory as would satisfy the impossible yearnings of the most nostalgic Traditionalist.

Poetry and art by David Gwilym Anthony, Peter Austin, Sam Byfield, Michael Cantor, Mary Cresswell, Jan Iwaszkiewicz, Kathryn Jacobs, Dennis Loney, Donal Mahoney, Matt Merritt, Alistair Noon, Christine Potter, Janice D. Soderling, Peter Swanson, John Whitworth, Mark Bulwinkle, C. Albert, Don Zirilli, Patricia Wallace Jones, Ed Clarke and R.K. Sohm. Edited by Nigel Holt, Angela France, Pat Jones, Don Zirilli and Your Humble Obedient Servant.

Want to plunge further into the Nightmare of History? Just click >>>>HERE<<<< and say a quick Hail Mary.

Listen up. The Subs Gate is now open for SCR issue #10, due to come out in approximately July, circa 2009. The cheery theme for that issue is 'Talking to the Dead'. Better check out the Submissions page (accessible from the SCR front cover). So get out there and start talking to the Dead. Then write the poems and bung them off them to me c/o Heart of Darkness, Shit Creek, in a plain packet ballasted with Kruger Rands. Subs close May 31st. Or (perhaps more reliable) use the email address and online submissions form on the Submissions page.


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