Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Evidently Zine Town

One of the things that gives me pleasure amidst the endless toil and corruption (financially rewarding but spiritually debilitating) of putting out The Shit Creek Review is to be part of the burgeoning of poetry that the internet has made possible, especially through the venues of poetry forums and online poetry magazines. So I'd like occasionally to point out and comment briefly on some of these.

Now Culture is visually and operationally intriguing, as well as a place to find great poetry. I could go crazy trying to catch those nimble little verbal fragments in the right-hand frame - if I wasn't already crazy. Now Culture is co-edited by our own illustrious Don Zirilli.

The Argotist Online is a goldmine for poetry lovers. As well as lashings of high-quality poetry, it has hours of reading in its interviews and essays. John Cooper Clarke, for instance - to whose Evidently Chicken Town I often thrashed away at 70s punk parties into the small hours. What a great lyric. There's loads of interesting stuff at The Argotist. Don't get me started.


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