Saturday, March 03, 2007

Latest Update from Shit Creek Central

The Shit Creek nerve centre is a-hum with manic but purposeful activity. Bribes and bloodlines are being systematically checked and when verified and approved by the Shit Creek Anti-corruption Monitor, acceptance letters for the forthcoming Issue #3 are being prepared for emailing. Paul Stevens' recent attempt to abscond with the Shit Creek cashbox was thwarted and he is now hard at work in the clerical department sorting paper clips while sipping soju. Art Editor Zirilli and Artist-in-Residence Jones are feverishly slapping oil paint on canvas, and as oil paint can cost as much as $US126.70 for a 200 ml tube we are asking for further donations to our Nigerian branch's Save World Art appeal. Nigel Holt has retired to the desert to resume relations with the Infinite. There is no truth in rumours that his heroic contribution of a Triple Sonnet Redoublé to International Gerbil Day celebrations has so enervated him that he cannot bear to sit in the same room as a sonnet or vilanelle.

We are aiming at March 23rd for The Shit Creek Review's third issue to go online, including its inaugural editon of the new subzine II, which will be thematically-oriented. "And what theme will be featured in the first issue of II, pray tell?" you ask. Evasive as always, we smile mysteriously (though somewhat dementedly) and leave you wondering....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, only Shit Creek Green costs that much...all the more reason to seek donations. Poets pay big time for their words, too, I think...just differently. All the more reason to seek donations : )



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