Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Submissions for July 2007 Edition

The Shit Creek Review has gone Quarterly in a sleazy attempt by the editors to avoid work. In their usual idiotic self-defeating manner though, they have doubled the amount of content for each issue of SCR by adding the subzine II. The inaugural edition of II is devoted to an extended evauluation of the work of American poet Tim Murphy, and includes three new poems by Tim, as well as an interview by Paul Stevens, and essays and perspectives on Tim by a range of critics and fellow poets. Our next issue of II, bundled with the July editon of SCR, will feature poems on the theme of "Lives" - more details below.

So now you can submit work to two venues in one - either The Shit Creek review or II. If you mention in your email subject-line which of the pair your submitting for, well and good. If you don't, we'll figure it out for ourselves.

If you wish, you can submit separately for both The Shit Creek Review and II.

Submit away!

The Shit Creek Review

Submissions for the July Issue of The Shit Creek Review+II may be sent now.

There is no set theme for poems submitted to the July issue of The Shit Creek Review – send in your best 1- 5 poems on whatever you like. But read the General Submission Guidelines first.

Poetry- or Art-related prose is also welcome: reviews, close reads, essays, musings, reminiscences or hot gossip. If you’re not sure about whether it will fit, send it in anyway and we’ll let you know.

Artists can send image submissions to the Art Editor Don Zirilli (details below).


The theme for poems for the July issue of II is "Lives".

What the blue blazes does that mean? You tell us. Send us poems that can somehow relate to the notion of biography: lives of people or other entities, life-cycles, secret histories, notes from under the floorboards, case notes, memoirs, what have you – seen from any normal or altered state of consciousness you can devise. You could indicate on the subject line that your submission is for II, or just leave it to us to figure out.

Submissions for The Shit Creek Review+II July Edition must be received by Monday, May 21st, 2007.

Text Submissions:

Nigel Holt

Paul Stevens


Visual arts Submissions:

Don Zirilli



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