Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shit Creek Rising

The Shit Creek Review Issue #2, with the theme "Where I Live", is now online.

Don Zirilli and Patricia Wallace Jones have joined as Art Editors, and C.D. Russell as Guest Webmaster and Art Editor.

You'll find poetry by Mike Alexander, Mark Allinson, Kate Benedict, Michael Cantor, Robert Clawson, Brent Fisk, Angela France, Dennis Greene, Nigel Holt, Jan Iwaszkiewicz, Rose Kelleher, Janet Kenny, Jee Leong Koh, David Landrum, Dave McClure, Kei Miller, Tim Murphy, Thomas Rodes, C. D. Russell, Patricia Sims, Paul Stevens, Wendy Videlock, Tony Williams, and Donald Zirilli.

But you want more. There's also an essay by the solipsistic Norman Ball, and a review by the analytical Cheryl Snell.

Be careful though not to lean too far over the side of the canoe. And don't, whatever you do, trail your hand in the water!

We are calling for submissions for the March Issue. Submissions guidelines here - http://www.theshitcreekreview.com/submissions.html - please read them.

Submissions to shitcreekreview@yahoo.com


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