Saturday, July 28, 2007

Old men and babies are patiently waiting for SCR4 + II Lives


Blogger Caratacus said...

Nice one, Pat. We're having an attack of the crazy rhythms, the rising floods, the dead car blues, the rented car horrors, nails in the tyres, fritzed computers, expiring drivers' licences and the galloping yodelling proverbials. Situation mildly normal! Transmission will be resumed as soon as possible. Break out the Mogadon! Pass the Prozac!


10:18 pm  
Blogger RHE said...

What, no plagues of frogs, flies, and diseased livestock?


10:50 pm  
Blogger Caratacus said...

We have applied Extraordinary Rendition and Enhanced Motivation techniques to our coder, who seems to be responding to having the poems of Mary Oliver recited by Lindsey Lohan played non-stop at 110 decibels. The War on Poetry continues!


10:00 am  

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