Saturday, August 04, 2007


The editors are rich beyond their wildest dreams!
Reflecting the corporately-sponsored spirit of our age, the Shit Creek Review has sold out for a tidy sum to Sears Roebuck circa 1891, who are now using the once-proud literary ezine as a catalogue to sell such must-have items as deflorinators, applicators, verb-O-meters and elf cages. Please support Shit Creek Review by ordering one or more of the many advertised products, all of which appear to be sourced from some Alternative Universe.

But there's more! Unobtrusively placed amongst the ads are poems, also sourced from a wide range of Alternative Realities; and then, just when you thought you were safe, you'll find even more products: a juicy prose section with pieces guaranteed to amuse, enlighten, confuse or enrage you.

Exhausted by all this conspicuous literary consumption, you will pause to take stock: only to notice the II-Lives logo at the bottom of the SCR cover page. One press of that little purple button and you're suddenly in the subzine SubZone, a whole new underworld of poetry and prose that will seriously challenge your grip on life as we know it.

The Shit Creek Review #4 is here.

The subzine II is here.



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