Saturday, February 06, 2010

Take me to your leader

There's been quite a shakeup at SCR recently. Most of you probably already know that the esteemed, distinguished and eminently spongeworthy Paul Stevens has stepped down as editor. We're also going to have to muddle through somehow without Don Zirilli and Pat Jones, our erstwhile art editors. Wahhh!

All is not lost, however. Nigel Holt has volunteered to take over as editor-in-chief. I've joined Angela France as a co-editor. What this means is that Nigel gets to do the scutwork of forwarding the submissions to Angela and me in anonymous batches for scoring (so you could say that our selection process is 2/3 blind). We also get to blame him if anything goes wrong.

We've completed the selections for the February issue and will release it soon, or at least sometime this month. We're still looking for a new Art Director. In the meantime, Nigel's calling this issue "the Austerity issue" because the layout is a bit plainer than usual. Thanks to Peter Bloxsom, who built the site and has been very generous with his time and advice, the technical side of the transition has been relatively painless. So we're paddling on.


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