Sunday, April 08, 2007

SCR + II pdfs

Thanks to the splendid efforts of Peter Bloxsom we can now offer Acrobat Reader pdf files of The Shit Creek Review + II for contributors and readers to download as a more permanent and portable copy of the site. I recommend Peter to anyone who wants to achieve a professional-quality website or e-book.

The pdfs are not exactly the same as the website in graphics but include the same textual content, many of the original images and much of the original look - better than any similar pdf version of a website that I've seen.

So far we have SCR+II #3 available, and issue #2 is nearly finished. Eventually we hope to have all issues including each current issue available as pdf download. A longer term goal is to offer printed annual versions, probably via Lulu.

Download your pdf of SCR #3 from the Past Issues page.


Blogger Richard Epstein said...

Will she sing "To Sir with Love"?


9:35 pm  
Blogger Caratacus said...

Only if it was in an issue of the Shit Creek Review.


10:20 pm  

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