Sunday, January 21, 2007

Submit to Issue #3!

We are calling for submissions for Issue #3 of The Shit Creek Review. Please submit original work in the fields of poetry, critical and analytic prose, reviews, essays, art and photography.

Submissions for Issue #3 need to be in by the 11th of February, 2007. Please read our submissions criteria here before submitting:

Issue #3 will go online in late March as we move from a Bi-Monthly to a Quarterly publication scheme.

We hope to implement a downloadable .pdf file option for each issue, and are investigating ways to put the SCR into print every so often, so that contributors and readers may have a hard copy if they wish. Any ideas for achieving the printed version proposal are welcome.

Submissions should be made to

Nigel Holt -

Visual arts submissions should be made to

Don Zirilli -

The Shit Creek Review is at

The Shit Creek Review blog is at


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